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Artistic Approach

On the given art pieces acrylic paint, glitter and re-disain elements (CD, glass beads, fabric etc) are applied.
Paintings are presentable in natural light and rainbow specter light, and in changeable LED and UV light.

Given technique demonstrates how light determines what is seen.

Interaction between colors and changing light allows us to see the paintings changing. Shapes on the paintings become visible and invisible only thanks to light they are perceived in. This allows us to sense a question – how does this technique work? And by this our brain gets an opportunity to activate original solutions. Therefore originality activates originality.


By artist name Pammukkale I draw attention to earthly values, which teach to realize that Earth’s values are the same as human values. What can be found in the nature can be found in humans, in ourselves.

I share my creation as Pamukkale* (hot springs, Tyrkey) shares hot water that people enjoy. With time there will be art legacy of creation, which comparetively is like Pamukkale salt mounts, its cascades and basins. Every basin is like a painting. My goal is to share lively creation as nature shares its creation on the mountain of Pamukkale.

Being on my journey – through art – one can discover new forms of self-expression and recognize the centre of oneself, who I am.


Foto autor: Antoine Taveneaux

When painting “The Saturated Presence” I decided to participate at Luxembourg Art Prize – at this time the process self expression started. I felt that this particular painting had too much of everyhing. After completing the painting this saturated state of mind remained.

Therefore I took a bit time for myself and flew to Turkey to figure out how to express my creation. In Turkey a friend of mine invited me to mountain Pamukkale (UNESCO World Heritage) with its hot springs and salt mounts.
Swimming in the hot springs I felt childlike presence rising in me. Then we walked up to the salt mountain and sat on the mountain foot. This hot spring flew up to the ground symbolising Earth’s tear for me – like hot salty tear of the human eye. At this moment I felt that ‘The Saturated Presence’ and the Earth’s tear joined into one.

It felt that from the mountain of Pamukkale flew out water crystals like crystals on the painting. My painting and nature’s painting harmonized into one. Something inexpressible was born in me. In honour of this event (May 9, 2018 at 3.p.m.) I named my art Pamukkale art. From this event I continue by artist name Pamukkale.

‘The Saturated Presence’ has awaken in me something unknown for me. I am grateful that Pamukkale nature has activated something very heartful in me. This painting guides to the birth of my artist name. Time will show how this story continues.



I have evolved into an artist thanks to life events and social influences.

As an entrepreneur I attained business model. Living inside model my life turned into a solid crystal. I was thoroughly an entrepreneur when I realized the need to give these experiences a new quality. Back in time before my entrepreneurship I studied natural science. So it was quite natural call for me to shift this crystal and take a 1000 km pilgrimage from Seville to Santiago de Compostela.

At the end of the journey I realized that the path of natural science, business and the path of Santiago de Compostela did carry the very same idea of the path Saint Jacob’s idea that brought me further and inspired me to create universal path through paintings.
It lead me into an internal turn. I saw the new quality ahead, a path untravelled – the paintings.

During the process of painting, the work stays quiet for me. When it is completed, it starts to tell its story and opens itself to my life. It becomes a perspective to be recognised. Every painting represents a new sign in the untravelled path, which hopes to be identified within.
Also, I’ve noticed that when I begin painting from the periphery to the center of canvas, it’s like a call from the world to share itself to me. When I begin painting from the centre to periphery, it’s like a call to share myself to the world. It’s like breathing world in and myself out. For instance, “Saturated with Presence” is painted from periphery to centre.

I look happily forward to participating more at international art exhibitions, art platforms, and festivals.

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